Lawn-Boy 32:1 2 Cycle Engine Synthetic Motor Oil 8 oz.


Lawn-Boy 32:1 2 Cycle Engine Synthetic Motor Oil 8 oz.


All new low-odor formulation low smoke ultra, clean-burning formula provides the best possible engine protection, with easy starting. Formulated for 2-cycle, air cooled engines. Add oil to gasoline for 2-cycle engines on lawn mowers, string trimmers and chain saws. Mix oil to gasoline in the proper proportions as specified on can to get the correct mixture for your equipment. Features reduced exhaust port blocking after market oils can clog ports, reducing power and causing hard starting. Includes Ethanol compatible fuel stabilizers for easy starting and extended fuel storage for 6-12 months. Fuel stabilizers help minimize the negative effects of corrosion caused by ethanol-blended gasoline. Ring-free formula keeps rings clean for easy starting. Increased lubricity for better engine protection.
  • All in one formula includes fuel stabilizer to extend storage life of fuel for easier starts
  • Formulated to withstand the higher operating temperatures in today’s 2-cycle engines
  • Special additives clean and prevent engine deposit build-up which helps maintain engine power and engine life
  • Unique formula allows easy mixing regardless of temperature conditions


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